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Arizona Snake Removal

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Phoenix Rattlesnake Removal


24/7 Fast Response 

Rattlesnake encounters can be a common occurrence almost anywhere in the valley and with companies charging hundreds of dollars to inhumanly remove a snake, most people would rather kill and dispose of the snake themselves and risk getting bit! For this reason, all snake removals are guaranteed affordable as well as 100% humane. Rates vary depending on specific location. Don’t just call anyone, reach our licensed professionals who have over 20 years working extensively with venomous snakes. We offer immediate response anywhere in Phoenix and most of Maricopa County.  Check out our map to see where we go.

Who We Are

Arizona Snake Removal was created with one thing in mind: Conservation!

  I started teaching at a very early age, working with several zoos, camps and schools mostly around the New York metropolitan area. My family operated a wildlife rescue and rehabilitation organization that inspired me to dedicate most of my life to educate and inspire others of the importance and beauty of our local wildlife. My lifelong passion has taken to me around the world where I’ve had the opportunity to work with some of the most dangerous and feared snakes on the planet and has given me the ability to share my knowledge with others. When you give us a call, you’re not just getting anybody to show up to get rid of your snake, you’re calling the experts, this is our passion, what we live for. With over 20 years of experience working extensively with venomous snakes, you can feel confident knowing that not only will we get the job done right but are also contributing to the conservation of our local wildlife. 


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