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What We Provide

24/7 Service

24 hours per day, 7 days a week including holidays, we provide Rapid Response Snake Removal at anytime and anywhere within our service map. Trust in our licensed professionals to humanely capture and relocate any unwanted reptiles you may encounter on your property.

Rattlesnake Prevention


Rattlesnake encounters can be a common occurrence almost anywhere in the valley especially on newly developed property, vacation rentals and seasonal homes that haven’t had a lot of human activity on them. Here at Arizona Snake Removal, we provide several solutions to this problem starting with a snake expert that will create a prevention plan for your specific situation. We also provide property inspections that will eliminate and search any potential habitats as well as removing any snakes found in your yard.

Property Inspections

Planning on visiting or retuning to your seasonal home this fall? Give us a call to arrange an inspection before you arrive! Prices start as low as $60 for a basic property sweep but may vary depending on the size of the yard and specific job.


We're all about the conservation and education of our native wildlife here at Arizona Snake Removal. It's always been about the well being of the animal and teaching others how to coexist with our desert dwelling neighbors. We provide free Wildlife education during all of our jobs so you know how to safely act whenever there's an unwelcome guest. 

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